How to Get What You Really Want

( even if you have no goals, no character,
and you're often in a lousy mood )

Eight Week Success Team Workshop Agenda

Week One    This week you'll become a team. You'll begin the process of finding your goal. You'll start learning the principles of winning with Success Teams.

Week Two    This week you'll pinpoint your goal, overcome your obstacles, create strategies and map out a plan of action. You'll find Touchstones - the heart of every wish - and design practical goals around them. You'll practice Brainstorming techniques and use them to transform ordinary ideas into extraordinary ones. You'll learn Planning techniques to plot the path to your goal.

Week Three    This week you'll turn your wishes into plans. You'll turn your plans into a schedule. You'll locate and troubleshoot obstacles. You'll plan a team project: An Idea Party to be held at your seventh meeting.

Week Four    This week you'll have your first full-fledged Success Team meeting. You’ll report in on any goal-directed actions you took during the week. You’ll troubleshoot and brainstorm any obstacles. You’ll learn where winning attitudes and persistence really come from. You’ll plan next week’s goal-directed actions.

Week Five    This week you’ll have your second Success Team meeting. You’ll continue to plan your Seventh Week Idea Party.

Week Six    This week you’ll have your third Success Team meeting. You’ll learn brainstorming techniques to turn ordinary ideas into extraordinary ones. You’ll make last minute plans and calls for your Idea Party next week.

Week Seven    This week you’ll have your first Idea Party. You’ll meet new people, exchange ideas, hammer them into workable steps, get new information and begin to build a network of resourceful and generous friends.

Week Eight    This week you’ll complete your first Success Team workshop. You’ll incorporate the ideas from last week into your goal plan. You’ll decide whether to divide into two teams so you can meet new people and begin to build a network of resourceful and generous friends.

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